We all know the truth: not everything the media tells us is true.

They’re partly telling us they’re selling us because bad news is selling. For example: yes, we are losing jobs in other countries, and so the percentage of world production (which produces things in the United States) has fallen to 20% (all that is produced in the world). However, our peak of 24% was not achieved in 1956 or 1966, and in 2006! Plus, and to top it all off, we’re now the best tamale producing energy on that little blue energy bubble that we all call our home. So, what kind of career should you consider now?

What about China?

Another funny thing: China absorbs contracts for oil and natural gas around the world, but you know what? China has huge (recently opened) shale oil reserves. China is simply not ready to use our technology to mine these reserves. China probably thinks it will earn its own reserves later. It’s always good news, because we know she’ll have her own butter if she wants to.

All this is great news in the midst of this long economic crisis, but why is this good news?

This is good news because it means that we can get out of the current economic difficulties by simply extracting natural gas and oil from our own reserves. We can easily create a million jobs.

Why do I think that’s the case? Canada has never experienced the recession (actually depression) that we have experienced in recent years. This is because Canada was in the process of developing its own huge deposits of oil sands and shale. We can change the whole geopolitical future because we no longer need oil from the Middle East. What will be the new jobs?

One of the best works in the oil field is welding pipes.

This is the pinnacle of welding. According to the American Welders Society’s newsletter in October 2007, the FIRST pipe welder earned more than $350,000 a year on his own welder. Today, a pipe welder can earn up to $12,000 a month with his welder in North Dakota. It’s less money, but still a decent income.

Pipe welders must pass the 6G welding code to weld the pipe.

A 6G position is a place where the test unit is set in a fixed position at a 45-degree angle. It’s not easy, and welds have to go through X-ray control. Place.

An experienced pipe welder will gradually bring a new pipe welder to the beginner to gain confidence thanks to the increasing number of welding work in the field. Finally, we trust a new pipe welder to work full time. This is due to the fact that it is usually allowed to lose joints by only 2%. This means that the pipe welder can fail more often, twice for every 100 connections.


In the welding industry there is a built-in trap, which gets into many welders. The traditional structure of the industry assumes that the welder begins to study welding designs in junior college for a year or two. By the time they receive structural certification, they get tired of going to school and are short of money. They stopped going to school to wet the phone. The best work they will find is welding structures (usually large building frames). However, such work will not return in the coming years. Typical standard work is at a trailer factory that earns $12 an hour.

The solution to the above problem is to skip all welding trainings except pipe welding. It is the only welding skill for which it is always well paid. Yes, it is against the convention, but it is not against the law. Just direct all your time and energy to the “laser” focus. Sit back at home and start rationing.

Turning your home into a green house is not as hard as you think. Making changes with your green choices will make the world a better place for you and for the next generation. It’s the realization that you need to live in a sustainable way, learn and learn, and learn how your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues can contribute to the future of our planet with little change.


Plants are the easiest way to become green because they provide the environment with plenty of oxygen. You can go to your local nursery or homewares store and buy some plants. Not only do you do something green, but you also get plants that complement your own decor with their unique colors and shapes.

Shop wisely

When shopping, recyclable materials such as bamboo and bamboo floors are fashionable and fashionable these days. Always look for the Energy Star symbol when buying the next energy-saving home equipment.

Turn off the lights and TV

Turning off the lights when you leave the room is the easiest way, but an important lesson for your children. Children of any age can learn and do it at once. This will help your children learn more about energy saving at an early age. Try to use daylight in your home, most of our rooms have windows that you can enjoy.

If you’re not watching TV, be sure to turn off the TV and make sure other family members are watching TV.

Your HVAC systems

Installing the right HVAC system in terms of size and high SEER rating is important for your electricity bill. Another small but effective gesture is that replacing the air conditioning filter regularly will allow your device to work more efficiently and safely.

Using an oven and freezer

Opening the oven regularly, it quickly releases heat; Try opening if necessary. This rule applies to your freezer as well. When you open the freezer, all the cold from the environment disappears, open and close the door very quickly to save energy. Cooking in the microwave significantly reduces energy consumption.

Wash the dishes

The use of environmentally friendly dishwashers allows you not to rinse the dishes, and scrape it off before loading into the dishwasher. Try washing when the dishwasher is full, instead of starting halfway.

Turn your lamps into eco-friendly

Replacing light bulbs with energy-efficient fluorescent will reduce your energy bills.

Install ceiling fans around the house

By installing ceiling fans, you can comfortably spend days without air conditioning in the spring and reduce energy costs through airflow and, in addition, get fresh air. There are many forms and styles of ceiling fans, one of which will suit your lifestyle and the interior of your home.

By realizing the small and simple things you can do in your life, you can naturally focus on a clean lifestyle. It’s about being more aware of sustainability.

Author: Sofia Hann

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