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Philippines, an archipelago rose bouquet hong kong of over 7,000 islands, are generously blessed with wonderful sceneries of nature. Its tropical white sand beaches and moderate temperature coupled with the heavenly beautiful sites, makes it lover’s paradise. Influenced with the environment, Filipinos regard love and friendship as the most essential ingredient of their spiritual life. Moreover, Philippines are a multicultural and multiethnic territory. These facts make flowers very important in a Filipino’s life. Throughout the year, dozens of festivals belonging to different ethnic and cultural groups need flowers for their successful celebration. However, Valentine’s Day unites Philippines removing all the ethnic and cultural tags.14th of February, is celebrated with the full spirit throughout Philippines.

Filipinos present red roses to their Valentines as an acknowledgment of their boundless love for them. Those who are in a search of a perfect match, wear red shirts. All the public places seem raided with the couples joining hands together and giving surprises to their dates. All the beaches, malls, plazas and other important sites are decorated with spectacular floral arrangements. People start their Valentine Day celebration with presenting a unique Bouquet, flower basket, heart made of roses or other captivating floral arrangements. Next, they go for a dinner or lunch to the pre-reserved hotel. After having taken the meal, preference of the majority is to go to a live performance. Here they request singers and dancers to sing their valentine’s favorite song or to perform on the one. Celebration usually ends with watching of a romantic movie together. The term ‘Lovaplooza’ is worth mentioning here. On February 14th, 2004, at Baguio—-the City of Pines, 5327 Filipino couples made a world record in kissing their Valentines at a time. Next year this figure rose up to 6124.Later on, Hungary took up the record. On Sep I, 2007 Bosnia broke all the records at 6980 kisses at a time. This February Filipinos are making special arrangements for claiming the record to be their once again. Florists, no doubt, play a very important role in this celebration.

Flower industry is the ever-green industry of the Philippines. Christmas, Weddings, debuts, Eids and many cultural rituals are celebrated every year. Flowers and the florists are the most important part of these events. The annual flower festival—–Panagbenga, held at Baguio— the City of Pines, deserves special mention here. Filipinos rejoice the blooming season every May by holding this festival. Several floats laden with different floral arrangements pass by the audience. Since Philippines has got tremendously favorable environment for flowering plants, thousands of natural and genetically engineered floral specie are grown every year. Roses, gerbera, carnation, lilies, helicon and asters are the hot favorite. Orchids only, have got 900 species being cultivated there. Filipino flowers are also exported to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and other worldwide destinations.

Millions of Filipinos are living abroad. These online flower shops help them on every occasion to express their feelings to the crushes. Moreover, people from all over the world specially go to the Philippines for the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Those who can’t go have to rely on these shops for sending flowers to their Valentines in Philippines or from Philippines.

Launched in 1995 by Alfred Sung as a joined-work with the well-known nose Dragoco, the perfume was not quite a big hit at that time. But, some people has this thrill that the perfume could be used as a wedding scent. Back there at 1998, a friend of mine at college gave me a miniature bottle of this scent as a memento from his trip to Hong Kong. Perhaps, he was well aware that it was way better to give a gift to all his women college friends instead of facing their being fussy.

I did remember that I was touched seeing the light-textured box covered in blue color. It was effortlessly elegant, very simple and minimalistic. On the contrary, the liquid emanated a potent, sweet aroma.

Since the first time I sniffed the juice, I was struck by thousands of flowers.

Plum and berry – which was supposed to open the orchestra – lasted for only a couple of minutes. And guardian of the heart notes, the peony, was unable to defend the whole structure. Anyway, what can you expect from a subtle-balsamic-tender peony.

Back to the heart, the dominance of notes was beautiful and sweet. Rose, lily of the valley, narcissus and the freshness of freesia made me extremely delighted and happy. It felt like a bouquet of flowers was suddenly stuffed into my hands by a handsome stranger. In fact, I did felt like bathing in a pond full of petals. In addition to that, I also had this funny thought of a girl who ran free in a valley of flowers where cotton flower filled the air and butterfly moved from some plants to others. Somehow, the woodsy base notes never appeared.

Just like its name Forever, this perfume is suitable for everlastingly memorized event. For example, major event like a wedding or engagement party. It was the time when my clothes were full of intricate lace and ruffles and made of satin and silk. At least, that’s what I imagined.

In my country, year of 1998 was full of political movement especially as it was time of scholar demo for reformation. I have always worn this perfume faithfully, though. The time could be when I attended a speech or when I did a demonstration on the street while hoping to meet handsome boys from other colleges. I wore that not with beautiful gown but with T-shirt and jeans instead. This perfume was still creating a big impact to my appearance.

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