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If you are planning a hong kong health check and wonder how much it costs and whether your insurance covers you, you are in the right place. AD MediLink experts tell you everything about medical checkups in Hong Kong.

Health checkups help you identify any potential health issue at an early stage before a problem gets worse. Plus, some diseases are not immediately visible and cannot be identified without proper screening. Therefore, even if you feel you are in good health, it is always better to get a check.

Unlike many other places, the Hong Kong public health system does not have recommendations for when various populations should undergo screening tests. Hong Kongers must get body checks in private clinics/hospitals, which are unregulated and unstandardized. Packages and costs thus vary greatly.

How often you should get a health check up depends on your state of health, your medical history, family history of serious illness and risk factors (smoking, cholesterol…). Most people in Hong Kong get screened at important stages of their lives such as getting married, changing jobs or before conceiving. And even if there is no consensus among doctors in Hong Kong about the frequency, many physicians recommend to do a physical check every year.

In Hong Kong, comprehensive health insurance plans with outpatient coverage usually reimburse health check-ups.

Nevertheless, the plans set monetary and time sub-limits which can range between USD500 and 2,000. For instance, an insurance may cover health check-ups for up to USD1,000 every 3 years. The time limit is not systematic but frequent. Make sure to check with your insurance provider before getting screened.

Quality HealthCare operates over 20 Physical Check-up centres with convenient locations throughout Hong Kong island, Kowloon and the New Territories. We provide different health screening and diagnostic services including blood analysis, X-ray, Mammogram, Electrocardiogram, Ultrasound Scan and CT scan, etc. Our one-stop health screening services include health check, report review, referral, diagnosis and treatment support and recommendations.

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