Free Lead Generating Using SlideShare

Lead Generating is what you need to grow your network marketing business you need to have leads so that you are able to provide value to those leads and also tell them free document generator about your business opportunity after you have built a relationship. Don’t just advertise to your leads. I am going to show you a way you can start generating free leads using a very simple free world’s largest community for sharing presentations called Lead Generating is so simple using and it free how awesome is that.

If you are on a budget or don’t have any money to use paid techniques, then pay close attention. With slideshare you are able to upload and share on blogs, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, 45 million people use SlideShare every month for research, sharing ideas, connecting with others, and generating business leads. SlideShare also supports documents, PDFs, and videos.

Thats amazing isn’t it. Lead Generating business leads, that’s what you need right. So lets get to how to get started? Now if you would like to see a video there will be a link below so you are able to see a video step by step if that is better for you. So the first thing you need to do is go to, and sign up for a free account so you can start adding videos for lead generating.

When you are signing up make sure you add a picture so people can see who you are without a picture it seem like you are hiding something also ad information about who you are add your blog or website so they can see the other information you can offer them. You want to make sure to fill in the title, tags, description( in the description you put a link to your lead generating form, also pick the category that best fits your up load while you are uploading the video, pdf file whatever you are uploading.

Once you have uploaded it will take a while go ahead and click save detail. Once you are done your information that you uploaded will be publish and see how fast you get views that will turn into lead. There is a link below to the video training of this article. Lead generating is so easy its just knowing how to do it. We posted a video and within a week we had 28 view not bad those view will turn into leads. What is so amazing is whatever you uploaded will be there forever.

Imagine generating leads from a 2 year old slide show you did because you will. I hope you enjoyed this article. Make sure to click the link below to get the video for lead generating using Also enjoy some more training to help you generate free leads. Click the link below for the free training.

Author: Sofia Hann

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