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Streetwear fashion is a term used (and overused) as the trendy fashion of choice by young urban kids and young adults. Usually dictated by the finicky media and the who’s who of pop designer socks culture. There are tons of fashion blogs trying to define what is street fashion but in our simple opinion, it’s what YOU want it to be. Streetwear fashion isn’t about being a follower it’s about being an individual and expressing your individualistic style. Take socks for instance, throw on a sweet pair of colorful, fun, crazy, cool (choose your adjective) socks and your outfit is instantly transformed in to an expression of you and only you. In short, YOU define YOU.

One of my biggest ‘take-aways’ from my visit was the scenery, the greenery, and what I hope will remain forever, one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Something that struck a deep chord within, was being able to digest this idea of living simply, and not needing to surround everything I buy, with plastic or paper. With fresh fruit available roadside, and where ‘having it all’ means much more than just material possessions – I truly came to appreciate the variety of lifestyles that arrange themselves here. Even the local currency (colones) reflects the area’s treasured wildlife. If you’ve already visited, or plan to visit – I hope we share a common perspective – feel free to share your experience, below, in the comments – I’d love to hear!

Author: Sofia Hann

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